Yoshiyuki Kabashima

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Mail-Box: G5-22,
Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science,
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering,
Tokyo Institute of Technology,
Yokohama 2268502, Japan

♠Courses (Japanese and accessible only from .titech.ac.jp):
2010 2nd semester: Statistical Mechanics of Information Processing


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1993 IJCNN Nagoya93 Student Award. 1997 JNNS Encouragement Award. 2000 The 14th IBM Japan Science Award. 2006 MEXT Prize for Young Investigators. 2007 The 11th Ryogo Kubo Memorial Award. 2010 The Mitsubishi Foundation Research Grant in the Natural Sciences.

♠Research Interests:
He is working in a cross-disciplinary field between statistical physics and information sciences. His research topics include error-correcting codes, cryptography, CDMA multi-user detection, data compression, compressive sensing, random matrix, machine learning, spin glasses and etc.

♠Journal EditorsF
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment

♠Research Project:

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♠List of Publications (in English) :